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Forum Liberec Shopping Centre
Soukenné náměstí 2a/669, Liberec 1

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About centre

Forum Liberec – shopping in comfort in the centre of Liberec

Forum shopping and entertainment centre right next to Centrum Babylon and modern science center IQ Landia, centre offers you shopping in comfort, peace and quiet in the very heart of Liberec. The first section was opened to the public on 29 February 2009, and the second part on 23 September 2010. You can currently find 120 stores, services and venues for spending your leisure time over an area of almost 45 000 m2.

Attractive fashion brands including global brands you won’t find anywhere else in the region, cafés, restaurants and places to relax with frequent exhibitions, a state-of-the-art fully digitised multiplex cinema with five screens, the largest covered go-kart track in North Bohemia, entertainment programmes for visitors.

On the second floor, you’ll find a food court with a wide selection of fast food, pizzeria, a children’s play area and the Doya Japanese/Korean restaurant offering you the best sushi in the whole of Liberec. There are cosy contemporary cafés on each floor with a wide selection not just of drinks, but also various types of wonderful cakes and ice-cream.

There is a children’s play area available for parents who need to sit down or do some shopping for a while. It has regular programmes, competitions, workshops and plays for children.

We have also prepared the ‘FORUM – vaše modní inspirace’ (FORUM – Your Fashion Inspiration) column and regularly send out Newsletters with the latest information on what plans we have for the near future.

Besides comfortable parking with 850 parking spaces which are completely free at weekends, there is also a carwash available in the multi-storey car park.
The Forum SC building also includes 2 800 m2 of exclusive office space and 14 apartments for rent over an area of 1 500 m2.

Keep an eye on our regular events and drop by – shop, just take a seat and enjoy a bite to eat or have fun at one of the regular events we hold.

Your Forum SC


Take advantage of the opportunity to surf the internet using our wireless WiFi internet connection within FORUM Liberec Shopping Centre, on the ground floor and within the food court on the second floor.

Rules for WiFi use in Eden SC Forum Liberec

  1. The service user is only entitled to use the service in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  2. The user bears all responsibility for any damage caused as a result of misuse of the internet connection or not observing these terms and conditions.
  3. The service user may not use the service to send unwanted information or messages (especially e-mails) to third parties. The service user further cannot use the service to spread information in conflict with the law or contrary to accepted principles of morality.
  4. The provider bears no responsibility for the content of information received through the service, in particular the accuracy and fullness of such information.
  5. The provider bears no responsibility for any damage to the service user’s hardware or software, data loss or other loss caused through use of the service.
  6. The user must use only legal programmes and means which are in accordance with Czech laws in force.
  7. The user may only use the IP address they are assigned by the Provider’s DHCP server.
  8. The Provider may restrict user access to selected web presentations and websites, especially those containing pornography or providing data which are subject to copyright law, or contain information of a racist, fascist, terrorist or otherwise dangerous nature. The Provider is entitled to set up the latest rules for authorised and unauthorised access in accordance with the law and at his own discretion.
  9. The Participant is only entitled to use the service in a way which is in accordance with relevant binding laws, the operating terms and conditions of public telecommunication services and the instructions of the Provider.
  10. The Participant is not allowed to misuse the telecommunication network connection, especially using it for other than standard purposes.

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